Insurance Fraud Investigations.

What is an Insurance Fraud Investigation?

An insurance fraud investigation is a type of thorough investigation that focuses on verifying if an insurance claim is legitimate or not. Seeking compensation for false or inflated insurance claims is illegal! It also raises the price of insurance premiums for everyone.

Many individuals faced with economic hardship or simply seeking an easy way to earn additional income turn to the insurance industry as a means for financial gain. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, an estimated $80 billion is paid out annually in fraudulent insurance claims. This leads to the average household paying around $950 each year in higher premiums.

Insurance fraud is incredibly common, but unfortunately it can be difficult to prove a lot of the time. That is why enlisting the help of an experienced private investigator is so important. Whether it is a general liability case (such as a slip and fall, product defect, or negligence), a disability insurance claim, an employee filing for workers’ compensation, or another type of insurance claim, our team at Desert Anchor Investigations is here to assist you.

Our agency is located in Scottsdale, but we are proud to serve the entire Metro Phoenix area and beyond. When it comes to insurance fraud, we have more than 20 years of experience in the following areas: